NH Now: Jeanie Forrester Hopes to Be the Anti-Establishment Candidate in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary

Republican candidate for Governor Jeanie Forrester stopped by the Concord Photo Service Main Street studio of WKXL to talk about the drug epidemic and about the economic challenges facing New Hampshire. Forrester, who has served six years as a state senator, faces three other challengers in the Republican Primary. Chris Sununu, Ted Gatsas, and Frank Edelblut. Sununu is an easily recognized name in New Hampshire politics and Gatsas is the mayor of Manchester, NH. In this year of outsiders being the choice of so many voters, Jeanie Forrester may have a legitimate chance.

Her campaign will focus on conservative principles and a plan to revitalize New Hampshire’s economy. Forrester’s plan would combine attracting biotech companies, growing the technology sector, and expanding education programs to provide the workers for these new jobs. Senator Forrester also believes that it is vital that New Hampshire retain the businesses that it does have by reducing regulations and by controlling energy costs.

The heroin and opioid epidemic is an area of great concern to Jeanie Forrester. At one time, she worked in a group home for young people with alcohol and drug problems. Senator Forrester has called for spending the money which was allocated in this year’s budget for this problem. She has also proposed two ways to address the drug epidemic–prevention education and a get tough policy towards drug dealers. Forrester has called or a “zero tolerance” policy towards drug dealers.