Friday, September 17, 2021
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ListenondemandPints and Politics: Road to the White House has become a must stop for Presidential Candidates over the last few cycles.

Candidates literally pull up a bar stool at The Barley House across from the State House in Concord, grab a pint of Smuttynose and engage in a high level discussion about who they are and their vision for America.

There have been many notable moments over the years. Newt Gingrich was asked if he was serious about running for President and responded, “Would I be here at The Barley House, if I wasn’t serious?”

The interview airs as a hour special on WKXL Barley-House-Page-ad103.9 fm and 1450 am with the panel of analysts Chris Ryan, professor Dean Spiliotes and either 2014 GOP Gubernatorial nominee Walt Havenstein (for Republicans) or State Senator Dan Feltes (for Democrats) discussing the primary in the book end segments and questioning the candidate in the middle.

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