NH Now: Celebrity Billionaire Mark Cuban Evaluates Fellow Businessman Donald Trump’s Campaign

While attending a recent game between the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks, Chris Ryan was able to get the flamboyant Mavs owner and Shark Tank panel member to talk politics. Cuban was very willing to weigh in on the campaign of fellow billionaire and friend, Donald Trump. Cuban is impressed by how Trump has maximized his return on money spent on the campaign. Trump’s efficiency metrics are off the charts. This is assessing how Trump consistently gets free coverage from the media while his opponents have to spend money on commercials to get their name out to the public.

Mark Cuban is not surprised by Trump’s ability to work a crowd. Cuban feels that it’s all part of being successful in business today. He pointed out that you have to address large groups of employees and motivate them. He said that Trump fires up a crowd because he speaks with passion and energy. In addition, Trump knows how to make connections with people in the crowd by bringing them up to the stage, giving them a hat, and making them part of the presentation.

When he was asked if Trump is getting away with not giving specifics about his plans, Mark Cuban had some interesting perspectives. He believes that most politicians and business people use numbers from “Fantasy Island.” Projections are just that–whether its Trump building a wall across our southern border or a person pitching a product on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban also believes that Trump will continue to avoid criticism for his brushes with bankruptcy because Americans believe that you can comeback from failure.

Cuban believes that it’s too early to tell if Donald Trump will win the nomination. Also, he feels that recent events which have put an emphasis on foreign policy rather than on Trump’s strong suit of fixing the economy. Cuban feels that this trend will hurt Ben Carson’s campaign, and he feels that Bush or Rubio might benefit. In the final analysis, Mark Cuban believes that the Trump Brand will stay in the minds of the voters.