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Capitol Closeup: Are Republican Leaders to Blame for Promoting “Replacement Theory”?

Also, should the baby formula shortage be the subject of political sniping?  How crazy are the ultra-MAGA types in this round or primaries? And...
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Great Ideas: Could “Approval Voting” Fix the Biggest Problem in American Elections?

Today, we cover the system we use for determining the winner of an election. It has as much impact on our current political dysfunction...
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Beyond Politics: Your Break from Depressing Politics with Award-Winning Satirist Andrew Heaton

OK, there's no escaping the onslaught of eye-crossing crappy news, but at least we can try to laugh about it. Andrew Heaton is a...
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New Hampshire Bulletin: Cyber Security, Local Farms, and Mapping

Reporter Amanda Gokee of the New Hampshire Bulletin discusses her conversation with a cyber security expert, farmers market assistance program, and congressional mapping. More...

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