Saturday, July 24, 2021
Teams playing basketball at Pulaski Park during the event

The New England Take: Downtown Queen City Basketball Jam

A. J. hit the road and checked out the Downtown Queen City Basketball Jam on July 17th in Manchester's Pulaski Park. He spoke with...
white marble columns outside a building

The Smart (and fun) Way to Understand the Ridiculously Big Numbers in Government

The numbers we hear about in government and politics are often so big that they lose all meaning.  This is a big deal --...
Child wearing a backpack waiting on the sidewalk for the bus

Great Ideas: What Works and What Doesn’t With Remote Learning and School Re-opening

Every parent with a kid in school at any grade level over the last year and a half has some strong opinions about today’s...
The New Hampshire Statehouse at fall with Franklin Pierce statue in the foreground.

Feltes & Cail with Kris Schulz and Amy Hall

State Representative Kris Schulz of Concord with a focus on the state’s minimum wage and Amy Hall, Executive Director of the Granite State Dairy...
Cup of paint brushes

Feltes & Cail with Miriam Carter of League of NH Craftsmen

Miriam Carter, Executive Director of the League of NH Craftsmen, on the upcoming League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair at the Mount Sunapee Resort in...

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