Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Capitol Closeup: The Big Astronomy Festival at UNH This Weekend

Paul interviews the "Skyguy", Professor John Gianforte, UNH astronomy Professor and director of the UNH observatory. They talk about recent advances in astronomy, the...
The New Hampshire Statehouse at fall with Franklin Pierce statue in the foreground.

Cail & Company LIVE with Howard Pearl & Mike Netkovick

Three-term Republican state Rep. Howard Pearl of Loudon is running for State Senate. Ken Cail interviews him talking about agriculture and how his campaign...
American flag background with Statue of Liberty, bald eagle, and US historical documents

Beyond Politics: Russ Feingold | The Stealth Rightwing Campaign to Rewrite the Constitution

In the last few years, we’ve seen ideas that were once on the far fringes of American political thought become some of the most...
A lit up football field

Cail & Company LIVE with Rick Santos & Buzz Bissinger

On today's episode of "Cail & Company LIVE," Ken interviews Rick Santos, the head coach for the New Hampshire Wildcats football team and Buzz...

Cail and Company Live

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