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Written By | Slim from “The Sports Machine” – March 5, 2024

If you are like me, you are a hard core, long time Celtics fan who is incredibly optimistic that this season is going to end in a NBA championship. We are definitely the most talented team in the league. Jayson Tatum is playing at an MVP level. Jaylen Brown has been incredible since the all-star break. Derrick White does everything great. Jrue competes on the defensive end and doesn’t turn the ball over. Porzingis is one of the best post up players in all of basketball. Heck, we even have Al Horford fresh, hungry, and happily coming off the bench.

But yet I still worry. If you are like me, you worry too.

The Celtics have let us down in recent years when the times got tough.

*In 2018 (Tatum’s rookie year), the Celtics scored 79 points in a Game 7 Eastern Conference Finals loss vs Cleveland.

*In 2020, the Miami Heat beat us in an Eastern Conference Finals (in the bubble) in which we were definitely the better team.

*In 2022, we blew a 2-1 lead in the Finals, losing game 4 at home in front of a less than raucous Boston Garden crowd.

*And just last year, right when we thought we were ready to take things in our grasp after beating Philly in 7 games, we went 0-3 to open up the Conference Finals against Miami – eventually losing the series in 7 games.

But things are different this time, right? We have more talent. We have more size and strength. The team just looks ready to win.

But so does Milwaukee. The Bucks have now won 6 games in a row, last night defeating the LA Clippers even though Giannis didn’t even play. Dame Lillard won the all-star weekend 3 point shooting contest and the all star game MVP…..and the Bucks haven’t lost since.

The 76ers are treading water without Joel Embiid, but when he comes back, they will be a team led by a former league MVP who was averaging 35 POINTS A GAME! That dude is borderline unstoppable. Nick Nurse is one of the best coaches in the world. And if Maxey plays well…..the 76ers will be a very tough out.

Miami is under the radar, but remember: The Heat were a 7 seed last year and took us out! Discount Jimmy Butler and crew at your own peril!

If we are lucky enough to make it to the Finals, the defending champion Denver Nuggets and the best player in the world Nikola Jokic might be waiting there for us. Are you truly confident that this Celtics squad is going to take them down?

So many reasonable doubts. It is tough to be supremely confident when you have been let down in the past. But say it with me: “This time, things are different!”

What we are witnessing is one of the very best teams the NBA has even seen. Get on board and enjoy the ride. And let the confidence flow.