The Sports Machine w/ Slim | Announcement Day!

Tomorrow will be the last day of The Sports Machine with Slim on WKXL Radio. We use today’s show to review some of the interesting takes that Slim has had over the past 6 months. Caitlin Clark would score how many points in a game if Slim was guarding her? The Boston Celtics are going to win the NBA title this season. The NY Rangers are the best team in hockey. These topics all get some love on today’s show. We also give out some coaching pointers to the pros who are leading the remaining NBA playoff teams. DON’T set picks for Ant. Hard double Luka on the pick and rolls. And please, please, Joe Mazzulla please, do not let Al Horford shoot 12 threes again in Game 2. These NBA coaches would be better at their jobs if they listened to The Sports Machine with Slim. That’s a stone-cold fact.