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Stethoscope and ekg chart

Great Ideas: The Way Forward on the Endless Health Care Wars? Cost Caps.

Since the creation of the Affordable Care Act a decade ago, we’ve gotten stuck on health care.  It's become incredibly hard to make progress...
Solar panels in the sun in a desert

Feltes & Cail with Dan Weeks

Dan Weeks, Director of Market Development at Revision Energy, a solar energy company based in Brentwood, NH. Learn more about this local company at...
white marble columns outside a building

Capitol Closeup: Infrastructure Chaos, Did Biden Get a Win in Europe, and Omar Does...

Plus, what do we make of the unfolding scandal involving the Trump DoJ targeting journalists and Democratic members of Congress?
Facing the Future logo

Facing The Future: Swing Voters and Uncertain Costs

This week on Facing the Future we look at what’s on the minds of swing voters with Rich Thau, President of Engagious, a firm that...
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Feltes & Cail with John Clayton and Amy Hall

John Clayton, Executive Director of the Manchester Historic Association and the Millyard Museum in Manchester and Amy Hall, Executive Director of the Granite State...