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An empty podium in an empty stage

The New England Take: NEA-NH’s Megan Tuttle on HB1255 and Divisive Concepts

Megan Tuttle, President of NEA New Hampshire, discusses the problems with the proposed expansion of the "teacher loyalty" bill (HB1255), how it compounds the...
A wall painting in Keene, NH

The New England Take: A Trip to Keene

A. J. and his wife, Amanda, recount their recent trip to Keene, NH discussing how the town has changed, gives advice for places to...
A hockey arena

Cail & Company with Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy, Associate Athletic Director for Marketing and Communications at the University of New Hampshire, the “Voice” of the UNH Men’s Hockey team, and...
The New Hampshire Statehouse at fall with Franklin Pierce statue in the foreground.

Cail & Company with Scott Spradling

Our guest on this edition of 'Cail & Company' is Scott Spradling, President of the Spradling Group, a public relations firm dealing with lobbying...
A photo of a courtroom

Cail & Company with Anna Brown

Anna Brown, Director of Research and Analysis at Citizens Count/ citizenscount.org Anna discusses the current NH Legislative session and midterm elections involving races for...
An abandoned house

Great Ideas: We’re Thinking About Poverty in America All Wrong

Today, understanding poverty, and particularly child poverty, in America. An expansion of the child tax credit earlier this year shone a bright light on...

New Hampshire Bulletin: Bottles, Energy, and Mascots

Reporter Amanda Gokee of the New Hampshire Bulletin talks with A. J. on WKXL in the Morning about some bills in the state legislature,...
Empty podium with spotlight

Beyond Politics: Biden’s First Year Grade is A+. Any Other Answer is Insane

Today, I published an article in the Editorial Board that is getting a ton of attention online, arguing that the answer to the question...
Cup of paint brushes

Artful Living with Rosa Couture

Artful Living introduces budding Nashua artist, Rosa Couture to our radio audience. Rose combines her passion for painting with her faith and desire for...
A crowd of people with their arms in the air

Capitol Closeup: Sinema’s Stiff-Arm, Seditious Conspiracy, and DeSantis Friction

On today's episode of 'Capitol Closeup,' the panel gets into it on election reform, Spin Doctors, and the future Republican nominee.