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Jane Cormier in studioAt a time when Wellness deserves a preeminent place in our communities, the arts can help us create meaningful connections, entertain us and keep us well.  WKXL introduces Artful Living with Jane Cormier. Jane and her guests will highlight our local community of artists including innovative arts’ programs, events, ways to get involved and insightful conversations.

The transformative power of the arts can create a better world for all – we invite you to join us on this cultural and entertaining journey with Artful Living.


Artful Living is proud to be Sponsored by GoodLife Programs & Activities

Artful Living with Catherine Martinez

On today's episode of Artful Living, Jane and Catherine are sharing all the details for the upcoming NH Opera Idol 2024. This opera competition...

Artful Living with Kate Fox Ransmeier, Liza Poinier, and Annie Hartnett

On today's Artful Living, Jane and friends discuss the "Concord Reads" program with Kate Fox Ransmeier, Liza Poinier, and author of novel "Unlikely Animals",...

Artful Living Presents | Opera Duets

A special Artful Living segment dedicated to the great Opera Duets. Jane will guide listeners through each wonderful selection. Come and enjoy a little...

Artful Living with Ashley Bathgate of Avaloch Farm Music Institute

Jane welcomes Ashley Bathgate, Artistic Director of Avaloch Farm Music Institute, right here is Boscawen, NH. Join Ashley and Jane on this very special...

Artful Living Presents | The Ugly Duckling

Today on Artful Living, we will present our monthly Radio Theatre presentation, "The Ugly Duckling" by A.A. Milne. This parody on the subject of...
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