The Sports Machine w/ Slim | The Bruins Lose to the Rangers

OH NO! The Bruins lose 5-2 to the Rangers last night and people are losing their minds! Everybody relax. The Bruins had won 3 in a row going into last night’s game. We lead the NHL in points. We had a couple of breakdowns last night, and a very good Rangers team took advantage of them. That’s the story, and we are sticking to it today on The Sports Machine with Slim! Thomas Poeck joins the show for a bit, and we also welcome in Sully to share his opinion on where things stand with this Bruins team.
We work in some college hoops talk today with our callers. It’s tournament time baby! We gave out a few bad picks on the show yesterday, so it is only right that we stand up and face the music. What a great time to be building out a sports talk radio show!!!!