Sports Blog | Can We Get a Challenge, Please?

Written By | Slim from “The Sports Machine” – March 20th, 2024

Celtics games have been kinda boring for the past couple of months, haven’t they? I host a sports talk radio show every weekday and we always talk Celtics. It’s the same story after almost every single game. Celtics win again. Big.

The Celtics are 11-2 since the all star break. The average winning margin during those wins is 22 points per game. That’s not even counting the last game before the all star break when we beat Brooklyn by 50. Heck, even one of the losses was kinda boring. The Celts were up by 18 in the 4th quarter to the Cavaliers. Some of you probably turned the game off and went to bed. Who could have blamed you?

The Nuggets game? Not boring. The NBA regular season matchup of the year lived up to the hype. It showed the world that we are beatable. It exposed a flaw in this Celtics team that just might be similar to last year’s squad: Are we clutch? Can we win close games at the end?

There is only one way to find out. Bring me Giannis. (He didn’t play Sunday night in a 140-129 Bucks win over Phoenix on Sunday.) Bring me a full loaded, ready to go, Milwaukee Bucks team on Wednesday night. Give me an interesting game that is close at the end. And give me a Celtics win!