NH Now: Congressman Darrell Issa Says That Trump Alienates More People Than He Motivates


California Congressman Darrell Issa was in state in Manchester at a Watch Party for the Republican Candidates Debate which was held at Rubio Headquarters. Representative Issa joined Chris Ryan on NH Now to talk about Donald Trump’s impact on the GOP, Marco Rubio’s aspirational tone and the Republican plans to create more affordable healthcare. Issa had been the chairman of the powerful Committee on Oversight and Government Reform until January 2015. Currently, he serves on two important committees–Foreign Affairs and Judiciary. Darrell Issa admits that Donald Trump can be entertaining and that Trump has found a way to connect with the feelings of frustration felt by many voters. At the same time that Trump has motivated many people, Issa claims that he has also managed to alienate many more possible voters. Congressman Issa also criticized Trump’s practice of insulting other candidates. For instance, Issa feels that someone like John Kasich would be a tremendous asset for the next administration, so why alienate him?

In contrast to Donald Trump’s sometimes negative demeanor, Congressman Issa believes that Senator Marco Rubio is aspirational and positive. Issa sees several similar personality traits between Trump and Obama. He describes both as loners who are unable to build coalitions or unable to do the difficult work of finding common ground in order to grind out needed legislation. In his opinion, Marco Rubio will have the ability to engage the other side if a deal is possible or go to the American people to get the best possible arrangement.

Congressman Issa also gave Senator Rubio credit for crippling Obamacare. Rubio introduced language into the omnibus government spending that barred the Department of Health and Human Services from dipping into general funds to pay failing insurers. His provision sparked little opposition at the time, but many consider it to be a poison pill that is killing Obamacare from within. The Republicans attempts at reforming our healthcare system would be focused on controlling costs. Medicare and Medicaid would stay in place, but they need to work more efficiently. Issa feels that the trial lawyers need to be taken out of the equation. By implementing tort reform, doctors would not be forced to use defensive medicine in order to avoid possible liability suits. As a result, there would be fewer unnecessary tests and lower overall healthcare costs would be a result. Congressman Issa considers the Affordable Care Act to be a good example of an oxymoron because there was never any intent to control costs by the Democrat lawmakers who crafted this bill.