NH Now: JEB Is All In New Hampshire

Jeb Bush

GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush plans to “Do better than expected” in the Iowa Caucuses, but tells Chris his focus is on New Hampshire. The former governor of Florida was interviewed in Iowa, but JEB Bush would be watching the caucus results with supporters at the Alpine Club in Manchester, NH on Monday night. With his work done in Iowa, Governor Bush is excited about a week of intense campaigning in the Granite State. Bush likes his chances in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. He acknowledges that New Hampshire has a different rhythm than the other states. JEB explained the difference between questions from the pundits and the questions from people who attend town hall meetings. The pundits want to know your opinion of another candidate. The voters want to know what are you going to do about the debt, social security, or the heroin epidemic.

As part of his campaign stump, JEB Bush plans to visit Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH. Andy Card, the current president of Franklin Pierce University, was President George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff. In the now famous photograph, Card is the person whispering in President Bush’s ear that the Twin Towers in New York City were attacked on 9/11. Andy Card believes that this catastrophic event changed the focus of the Bush 43’s administration.

JEB agrees that tragic events can define you as a leader. He shared a series of events which helped to form his development as governor of Florida. His state was clobbered with 8 hurricanes and 4 tropical storms in a 16 month period. Over 1.2 million homes were lost. The commercial property insurance market collapsed. As a result, small businesses couldn’t reopen. To get Florida out of this predicament, Governor Bush had to have total commitment to solving the problems.

Bush feels that this type of commitment is required to solve the problems of the United States. He feels that it is counterproductive to think that people who disagree with you are bad people. It is necessary respect the other side and to look for areas of agreement in order to develop a consensus oriented government.