NH Now: Jeanne Shaheen 5-29-20

Q: Should the Officer Involved with George Floyd’s Death Be Arrested While the Case Is Being Investigated?

A: “One Would Think. Based on the Video, I Was Surprised to Hear the County Attorney’s Response That He Didn’t Have Enough Evidence. People Want to See Swift Action. They Want to See That Justice Is Being Done.”

In an Interview with WKXL’s Chris Ryan, Senator Jeanne Shaheen discusses the unrest in Minneapolis after the death of an African American, George Floyd, while he was in police custody; the COVID-19 pandemic; and President Trump’s divisive comments and actions.

The Senator feels that a terrible situation has been exacerbated by President Trump tweeting criticisms of Minnesota Governor Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Frey. She calls on the President to lead not divide. Senator Shaheen also recognizes the terrible disparity between black and white in our country in criminal justice and even in how minority communities are more impacted by the Coronavirus.

The final portion of the interview deals with the $3 trillion HEROES-Health and Emergency Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act which was passed by the House of Representatives and is awaiting consideration by the Senate. Senator Shaheen criticizes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s for dragging his feet when so many people need the help which this stimulus package would bring. The Senator believes that the lockdown has left many groups in need of help: state and local governments need to avoid laying off municipal employees due to lost revenues; the elimination of elective procedures have forced hospitals to consider layoffs; the assistance given to small businesses by the CARES-Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and their laid off employees runs out on June 30; support is needed for long term care facilities which have been the epicenter of deaths due to COVID-19; and families are on long lines at food banks. Senator Jeanne Shaheen wants these problems addressed ASAP. However, there is nothing scheduled on the Senate calendar for this Monday.