NH Now: Maggie Hassan 5-29-20

Senator Hassan on the Turmoil in Minnesota After the Death of George Floyd While in Custody of Minneapolis Police:

“The Incident Must Be Investigated. The Officers Responsible Must Be Held Accountable. And We All Have to Commit Ourselves as Americans to Understand and Do the Work That We Need to Do to Repair a History of Racial Discrimination in This Country.”

In an interview with WKXL’s Chris Ryan, Senator Maggie Hassan discusses the situation in Minneapolis and the negotiating in the Senate over the next stimulus package.
In a discussion of the problems in Minneapolis stemming from the death of George Floyd, an African American, while he was in police custody, Senator Maggie Hassan calls for people to peacefully express their concerns. After seeing the video, which shows a police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s throat while he begs for his life, Senator Hassan feels that a criminal prosecution of the police officer is warranted. The Senator cautions everyone to remember that the men and women of law enforcement do a difficult job for all of us. In response to President Trump’s tweets that the National Guard should be brought in and directed to shoot looters, Senator Hassan said, “It is beyond the pale that the president of the United States, at a time when there is so much tension, would escalate the situation, as opposed to lead and call for calm and peace.”

The $3 trillion HEROES-Health and Emergency Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives, is awaiting consideration by the Senate. Senator Hassan is frustrated and concerned by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lack of urgency in discussing this legislation, especially considering the impact of COVID-19 on our health system and our economy. The Senator feels that there is an immediate need for the following: 1) direct assistance to individuals and small businesses, including adjustments to the PPP-Payroll Protection Plan; 2) hazard pay for all essential workers; 3) additional funding for testing and contact tracing of COVID-19 cases to continue the reopening of the economy in case of a future outbreak of the virus; 4) funding for state and local governments to forestall layoffs of first responders, teachers, and municipal workers due to shortfalls in tax revenues due to the lockdown. Senator Hassan is very concerned with what has been termed the “digital divide’. These are parts of New Hampshire and the country which don’t have access to reliable, high speed internet service. For the most part, these are rural areas or economically deprived communities. It is apparent, that in the future, broadband internet service will be needed in education, economic activity, and even in medicine. The Senator describes some aspects of the first stimulus package the CARES- Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act which addressed improving wideband infrastructure.

In conclusion, Senator Maggie Hassan addresses rumors that she has been vetted to be Joe Biden’s vice-presidential running mate. The Senator is flattered to be considered for this office, but she remains committed to serving the people of New Hampshire as a US Senator.