The Press Pass with Chris Ryan 11-21-20

Patriots players and coaches break down last week’s 23-17 upset of the Ravens and discuss this Sunday’s game with the Houston Texans

The Patriots seem to be hitting their stride and are building some momentum. Their next game will be on Sunday at 1 PM in Houston against the Texans.

In a series of interviews with WKXL’s Chris Ryan, coaches Belichick, McDaniel, and Achord and players Cam Newton, Damian Harris, Jacobi Meyers, Rex Burkhead, and Devin McCourty talk about the Ravens game and what to expect from the Texans on Sunday.
Chris Ryan gets Head Coach Bill Belichick to discuss last week’s exciting win over the Baltimore Ravens; to analyze Sunday’s opponent, the Houston Texans and their talented quarterback, Deshaun Watson; to assess the changes in styles of using more mobile quarterbacks in the NFL; to describe Cam Newton’s leadership style and work ethic; and to break down the various aspects of the draft strategy used by the Patriots.

Offensive Coordinator, Josh McDaniel, also discusses how Cam Newton sets a positive example of leadership, accountability, and preparation.

Damian Harris, who has been coming into his own as a running back, explains how he maintains his hard to tackle mentality and what goes into his decision-making processes on the field.

Damiere Byrd discusses how he has evolved as a pass receiver. Corner Back, Stephon Gilmore, lays out the challenges which the Texans present with their mobile quarterback and talented receivers.

The highlight of the game was a double-pass at the end of the half. Cam Newton threw a backwards pass to running back, Jacobi Meyers, who then tossed a 24-yard lob to Rex Burkhead in the end zone to give the Pats a 13-10 lead. All three players retell the conversations in the huddle which led up to this much discussed play.

Cam Newton discusses how he has adapted to the Patriot way and has worked on eliminating mistakes and turnovers.

Devin McCourty has been an integral part of the Patriots success. Coach Belichick discusses Devin’s many contributions to the team. Devin gives credit to the players and coaches which have helped him to develop as a player and a leader.

Coach Belichick breaks down how the offensive line and running backs have improved their timing.
Special Teams Coach Cameron Achord gives his opinion as to why the Patriots have historically been a very good bad weather team.

Defensive lineman, Chase Winovich said about the Patriots 23-17 upset of the Ravens, “It was a huge team win. . But it’s already in the past. We’re looking forward to our next opportunity, and we’re fired up.”