NH Now: Chris Sununu 12-1-20

Governor Sununu says about the mask protestors, “I understand that people are upset. Protesting at the State House is fine but coming to my family’s home absolutely crosses the line.”

In an interview with WKXL’s Ken Cail, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses the reactions to his mask mandate. There had been the start of impeachment proceedings by some GOP lawmakers and about one hundred protestors picketed the Governor’s home. The Governor also touched on the recent spike in COVID cases in the Granite State and elsewhere, the imminent distribution of a vaccine, the possibility of a successful ski season, the big Republican gains in the New Hampshire legislature, his goals for the next legislative session, the success of sports betting, and what he loves about his job.

The seven Republican legislators have withdrawn their impeachment resolution which claimed that Governor Sununu exceeded his constitutional authority during the COVID-19 pandemic. About one hundred mask less protestors bearing posters which read, “Breathe Free or Die” and “We Will Not Comply” gathered near Governor Sununu’s home. The Governor expected some push back and protests at the state house, but he felt that picketing at his family’s home crossed the line.

The number of COVID cases has increased significantly in counties in New Hampshire which have had low numbers until recently. After a recent conversation with Dr. Fauci and Vice President Pence, Governor Sununu is optimistic that CVS and Walgreens will be distributing the first 20-40 thousand doses allotted to New Hampshire’s healthcare workers by late December. By January, February, and March, the vaccines will be available to the general public. The goal is to have this vaccine as easy to get as a flu shot.

Skiing in New Hampshire may require some social distancing; but, if the weather cooperates, there should be lots of skiing available.
The Governor hopes that more restrictive policies in Vermont and other states might bring more skiers to the Granite State.

Governor Sununu was not surprised that New Hampshire voters gave control of the Assembly, Senate, and Executive Council to his fellow Republicans. He credits the intelligence of the voters, the quality of the candidates, and a message of smaller government to the turn around.

In the next legislative session, the Governor would like to see work done on tax cuts and increased government savings put into an expanded rainy-day fund. If New Hampshire receives federal money in the form of stimulus spending, Governor Sununu wants it to be used for smart one-time projects around the state, such as roads, bridges and infrastructure projects which will reduce property taxes.

Governor Sununu is very enthusiastic about the revenue possibilities for legalizing sports betting. He claims that the deal which New Hampshire made with Draft Kings is the envy of all of the other states.

Despite the challenges of the job, Chris Sununu really enjoys being governor. He misses the personal contact which was a big part of the job prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Sununu was noncommittal about the possibility of running for US Senator or any other office in the future.