CRNH: Chris Sununu 12-14-20

In an interview on “New Hampshire Today” with WKXL’s Chris Ryan and WGIR’s Justin McIsaac, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses the arrival today of 12,000 doses of the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine, reacts to the recent death due to COVID of New Hampshire Speaker of the House Dick Hinch, clarifies the need for a state registry for COVID-19 vaccinations, and reflects on the loss of life due to the pandemic at long-term health facilities like the New Hampshire Veterans Home

Governor Sununu lays out how the first round of vaccinations will be made available to hospitals and long-term facilities. Next week, Moderna vaccines will also be arriving. According to briefings which the Governor has received, nationally about 20 million people will be vaccinated in December, 30 million in January, and 50 million in February. One third of the country will have access to the vaccine in the next 75 days. Each state receives a pro rata share of vaccines based on population, not its number of COVID cases.

According to the Governor, individuals who have questioned whether Speaker Hinch died due to COVID-19 and the importance of wearing masks are part of a twisted, bizarre vocal minority. He maintains that 95% of the people understand what is at stake.

The Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccinations require two shots three weeks apart. Governor Sununu explained why a registry is needed in order to schedule the second shot within the necessary twenty-one-day period. If the second shot is not given, then the vaccination is wasted. After the pandemic is over, then the record is deleted.

Governor Sununu states that at the start of the shutdown he knew that long-term care facilities were extremely vulnerable. He tried to provide them with whatever supplies, training, and support that they needed. The Governor gives credit to Commandant Margaret LeBrecque of the New Hampshire Veterans Home for doing an excellent job and for maintaining constant, daily communication. Governor Sununu says,
“These folks who are playing politics with this, saying you didn’t act fast enough. That’s political nonsense!”