New Hampshire Today: Chris Sununu 1-4-21

Governor Sununu says, “I don’t think that what they are doing in Washington to slow down the ratification of the electoral votes is productive in any way.”

In an interview with Chris Ryan and Justin McIsaac, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses his decision to change plans for his inauguration ceremony due to security concerns, assesses the need for more COVID related restrictions due to a surge in Coronavirus cases, and weighs in on the decision of some Republican Senators to contest the results of the 2020 Presidential Elections.

There have been serious threats against the Governor and his family during the month of December. For this reason, the inauguration which was going to be outside at the New Hampshire State House has been changed to an indoor, virtual event. The intensity of the threats has increased recently which is another reason for this decision.

At this time there are 325 COVID hospitalizations in New Hampshire, Governor Sununu says that the hospitals are handling the current number of cases and with the arrival and distribution of COVID vaccinations, there is no need for any restrictions or closings. The Governor maintains that the current number of cases is within the boundaries of what was predicted.

Governor Sununu doesn’t see the point of Republican Senators contesting the results of Electoral College votes and maintains that Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President on January 20th. The Governor believes that the fact that none of the lawsuits pursued by President Trump’s team were upheld and that even the Supreme Court which has several Trump appointees wouldn’t take the case, shows that it’s time to move on. Governor Sununu was critical of the attempts by some Republican lawmakers to slow down the ratification of the election results.