Great Ideas: So what’s in the Build Back Better bill Anyway? And is it…good?

The “Build Back Better” plan…it seems like that’s all we’ve been talking about for months. And yet strangely, there’s very little public understanding of what it actually is. To opponents, it’s a wildly over-aggressive piece of wasteful social spending. To supporters, it’s a critical and long-overdue investment in long-neglected aspects of what makes our society run. But now, the actual contents of the bill are finally taking their almost-complete shape.

A month ago, an op-ed in the Washington Post was eerily prescient about the shape of the final bill. The author of that op-ed, Ben Ritz, is the Director of the Center for Funding America’s Future at the Progressive Policy Institute joins the show to walk us through the mystery, the pitfalls, and the promise of the Build Back Better bill.