Capitol Closeup: A Dem Turnaround Will Require Doing Something…Different

Paul interviews Beyond Politics co-host Matt Robison about his recent article in Newsweek “Stacey Abrams Just Gave Democrats a Blueprint for Saving Themselves.” Matt points out the massive headwinds that Democrats face, including Republican structural advantages like the fact that Republicans get half the votes in the Senate for representing just 43 percent of the country, as well as an enthusiasm gap.  In the recent Virginia and New Jersey elections, Democratic candidates actually exceeded their vote totals from the previous election—but Republicans still exceeded them by way more. Together, this means that Democrats don’t need to match Republican voter enthusiasm to win; they need to lap it.

Matt argues that Stacey Abrams’ recent approach created a blueprint for a more effective form of American politics; a way to engage voters that Democrats should try to have any chance in the years ahead.