Beyond Politics: Your Break from Depressing Politics with Award-Winning Satirist Andrew Heaton

OK, there’s no escaping the onslaught of eye-crossing crappy news, but at least we can try to laugh about it. Andrew Heaton is a comedian, author, and political satirist, and the host of “The Political Orphanage” comedy and news podcast (plus the SciFi deep-dive podcast “Alienating the Audience” — go ahead nerds, you know you wanna). Plus he’s the author of 3 best-selling political satire books including Los Angeles is Hideous: Poetry About An Ugly City. And he’s a former congressional staffer too.

Matt and Andrew dive into how being a staffer ain’t what it used to be, how hard and how important satire is these days, what William Shatner said about him, and why Los Angeles truly sucks.