Capitol Closeup: A Small Thing We Could All Do Today That Could Change Our Kids’ Lives in the Future

Today, we tackle something that seems like one of life’s problems to worry about later…as in, much later: how to get your kids, especially your teenagers, some assets for the future.  After all, who has the time or the money to worry about that anyway? And that’s fair enough. But what if we told you that each $1000 you invest now means anywhere from a quarter of a million to a million dollars by the time your kid retires? It’s true.  In fact, most of our worries about retirement could be taken care of for our kids if we’re able to start early and make a relatively small investment now. And the even better news is, it’s easy. Mike Morton of Morton Financial Advice boils down what to do into three simple steps that could profoundly change your kids’ futures decades from now.