Beyond Politics: Student Loan Relief May Be Flawed | Republican Response is Even Worse

We’ve been talking a lot about President Biden’s decision to give holders of student loan debt substantial aid by canceling up to $10,000 in debt for those making less than $125,000. It seems like the decision has made no one happy, and that’s definitely true of today’s guest. Brian Riedl is a Senior Fellow with the Manhattan Institute who is an expert in economic policy, having worked for six years a chief economist senator Rob Portman and Director of Budget and Spending Policy for Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign.

He has plenty of policy critiques of the Biden plan…but surprisingly, he has even more criticism for the Republican response and what it says about where the Republican Party has landed today, lacking any kind of coherent domestic policy agenda. He’s written an article about it for The Dispatch (image from their article) and he joins us to explain.