Beyond Politics: Jason Sattler | 15 Burning Questions in Politics

Former USA Today / current Editorial Board Columnist and worldwide Twitter star Jason Sattler (known online as @LOLGOP) joins for a massive rundown of the most burning questions in politics heading into the midterms.

Borrowing from podcast legends Bill Simmons and Zack Lowe, Matt and Jason ask 15 big “are we sure” questions like, “Are we sure that Democrats aren’t missing golden opportunities in the North Carolina and Ohio Senate races?” “Are we sure that the Herschel Walker scandal is even in the top five of Republican hypocrisy scandals in the last 20 years?” “Are we sure we won’t have a constitutional crisis in this election?” And “Are we sure that we’ve seen the biggest October Surprise come out yet?” Go to The Takedown YouTube channel for the full episode on video.