Cail & Company LIVE | Local Musicians Week – Ryan Deachman

From a musical household in Chichester, Ryan’s mom, Andrea, bought him his first guitar from a pawn shop. It was that guitar on which Ryan spawned his musical roots. Andrea replaced the pawn shop guitar with an update a number of years later which Ryan still owns today.

At the age of 12, Ryan suffered a serious brain injury which caused memory loss and curtailed his music pursuits for a while as he had to learn to sing and play guitar all over again but he persevered and came back and continued his love of singing and songwriting. He is very open about his background and some of the personal battles he’s had to deal with and eventually beat. Blessed with a truly amazing voice and playing an extremely melodic guitar, Ryan is set to release his first EP.

The multi-genre artist can be heard on a regular basis at Tandy’s and the Teatotaller in downtown Concord where he is always open to tell his story and be an inspiration to so many.