The Sports Machine w / Slim | Taylor Swift Or Football?

Last week I went to a talent show for my 5 year old son to watch him do a performance centered around basketball. At the show, a number of the other acts involved the singing of Taylor Swift songs. The entire crowd all danced in their seats and sang as the T Swift music played. Ms Swift certainly has a hold on the minds of the young people in our country. She also seemingly has a hold on the minds of football fans and players…..specifically Travis Kelce. Will Kelce be the MVP of the game on Sunday? Today on The Sports Machine with Slim we welcome The Pistol into the studio to help give listeners an idea of what “picks” the betting public might want to stay away from. It is estimated that more than 28% of the US population will bet on the game this weekend……and that 28% would be well served to listen to today’s episode so that they can hear what The Pistol has to say. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.