The Sports Machine w/ Slim | St Anselm’s College Softball Team

On today’s edition of The Sports Machine with Slim we talked about last night’s Boston Celtics win over the Bucks. We talked about the Boston Bruins and the potential for a huge fight tonight in the game vs the New York Rangers. We also talked a bunch about college hoops and the tournament action that truly gets going today. The most important thing we talked about though, was something good in the community that people should know about.
The St Anselm’s Softball team has a funding drive going on today. They are looking for people to donate $10 to support the team. The Sports Machine with Slim donated $100 to them while we were on the air today, and we are asking you to please make a donation if you are able. If lots of people donate just $10 apiece, it can add up to a substantial total. Let’s Go Saint Anselm’s!