The Sports Machine w/ Slim | The Bruins lose to Tampa Bay 3-1

Losing is never good. We here at The Sports Machine with Slim are as competitive as they come, so of course we hate that our Bruins lost last night. But we gotta cut this team a little bit of slack. The B’s played an incredible game the night before against Florida. Then we run into a team in Tampa that is 8-1-1 in their last ten games. That’s hot! So please excuse me if we don’t have a chicken little the sky is falling type of desperation today. We are upbeat! Thomas Poeck our local, licensed health insurance broker…..and our resident hockey expert……..calls the show today to discuss the Bruins playoff positioning. Then we have My Brother Dave call to discuss the NCAA Bball tournament that gets started up again tonight. We give our insights into the games and we give the listening audience a very live underdog to keep an eye on tonight. Let’s Go Clemson!!!