Beyond Politics: Why Won’t the Media Just Call It Facism?

Several weeks ago, an NBC news poll found that the number one issue for Americans was not inflation, but the threat to democracy. Yet, despite American’s clear concern, and despite Republican gaslighting about the supposed liberal bias of the media (hint, it’s the opposite, as we cover in this episode), former Chicago Sun Times Editor Mark Jacob says that the stunning rise of fascist forces in America and the MAGA takeover of the Republican Party remains stunningly under-covered.

“The media is scared of telling the truth when it comes to horrible things happening in politics. Nobody was set up for this rise of fascism…and it is fascism. And also the willingness of the Republican party to cheat in elections and and try to overturn legitimate elections. It’s just astounding to me is how the biggest story of our lifetime is sitting right in front of us…yet they’re afraid to cover it.”

Mark Jacob spent 41 years in daily newspapers, mostly in Chicago. He’s the former Sunday editor at the Chicago Sun-Times and former metro editor at the Chicago Tribune.